Friday, September 26, 2014

Together Smoking ... Again

Nothing beats the taste of smoked meat! We combined two local ingredients from our favorite farmers market to produce an amazing result. Beef Brisket from Aberdeen Farms and BBQ rub from Allens Hill Farm. This 2lb brisket took 2 hours to smoke at 325 deg. Next time I will use a proper smoker box as the aluminum foil burned through from the intense heat of the lump charcoal.
Soak The Wood Chips

Use a quality rub like Allens Hill Farm BBQ Rub

Indirect Heat. Chips in foil. 325 deg until meat is 160 degF with instant read thermometer

The Smoking Rig

Only time you will ever see Portman with a Beer at 7am

Finished Product ready for transport to Lil B