Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows!

Nothing can beat a homemade marshmallow. A plump fluffy ball of sugar and gelatin! Delicious! Recently I made these for a Surprise New Years Party-that was put together for Portman aka GD. This photo was taken after the party. I decided not to make hot chocolate for the party due to the 50 degree temperatures that we were experiencing outside. Instead we made a marshmallow tower and presented the display on the dessert table. I regret not taking pictures of the party because the appetizers and desserts were delicious!

Our cherished guests at the party were not disappointed that there was no hot chocolate. Everyone was more than happy to devour these as if they were the most decadent truffle every created. I have made these before-but the recipe is not difficult! I would recommend making these at your next party asap!

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