Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Linguine with Sardines

This summer CC guided The RQ to adding more vitamin D rich foods to her diet to keep her bones healthy as she is nearing 50! This brought The RQ to explore more about the health benefits of SARDINES! These little guys are power packed with nutrients. Vitamin D for bone health is only one of the many beauties provided by the sardine. B12 is at the top of the list followed by a whole host of beneficial vitamins and minerals! Click on the link to learn more! For those of you that are skeptical, give it a try! Canned sardines taste like a cross between anchovies and tuna fish. They are not as strong flavored or salty as anchovies and not as bland or dry as tuna.

Today The RQ saut├ęd an onion, grated some lemon zest, added capers and fresh parsley, and browned up some fine bread crumbs. Sardines aside, the remaining ingredients are often on hand and versatile! The cook can compliment this dish in as many ways as she cares to create. To add some color to this meal Portman whipped up a tasty salad with fresh local tomatoes and goat cheese!

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