Sunday, September 29, 2013

Seaweed Dinner

Seaweed or rather, sea vegetables, and the many varieties have always been a bit of an oddity in The RQ's kitchen pantry. Many are familiar with Nori or roasted seaweed that is used in sushi rolls. P< is famous for whipping together delicious sushi rolls with Nori which has a mild aroma. But sea vegetables in general give off a smell that some consider disconcerting if not overwhelming. I know vegans who won't touch the stuff due to the nature that some dishes made with seaweed emit a more than subtle scent of fish! That said, this veggie shouldn't be overlooked! In the right amounts and with the right balance of seasonings, foodies can partake in the nuance of the dish and benefit from the many nutritious jewels!

The RQ served this dish over Jasmine rice. The subtle flavors of rice wine (Mirin) and soy sauce (Tamari) tempered the intensity of the Hiziki seaweed. And notice, a modest  amount of Hiziki seaweed was used as an accent to the dish! In addition, delicata squash, daikon (asian radish), rehydrated Shiitake mushrooms and sweet onions gave this meal a nice balance. And don't forget to shake a healthy dash of black & tan sesame seeds with sea salt (Gomasio) over top.

Recipe inspired by Terry Walters' CLEAN FOOD cooking

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