Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chicken Spring Rolls

Its so easy to throw together a sandwich for lunch...however variety is appreciated! My newest lunch entree are spring rolls! I used the ingredients below, however you can put anything in them. Next week I am going to use mango and avocado! I tried making a homemade peanut dipping sauce for them, but I failed. I am sticking with Wegmans Teriyaki for now! Does anyone have a good recipe for dipping sauces?

Spring Rolls:
lots of cilantro
Boston Lettuce

Soak rice wraps, one at a time in a large dish. They should soften after three minutes. I made my rolls the night before so I could just put the tupperware in the fridge and its ready to go the next morning.

Put your rice wrap on a large surface, place a piece of lettuce on top, and fill with your remaining ingredients. Roll & Enjoy!

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Emma Jane Denton said...

For the vegetarian/vegan in you, consider substituting the chicken with avocado and/or mango. Dress it up with ginger, lime juice, or peanut sauce!