Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cake Pops

This weekend was spent conquering the cake balls! Cake balls are such a big fad and I have been dying to make them! I have never worked with candy melts before so this was my first try. A tip to all bakers who are working with candy melts....if you need to thin it out use a little bit of shortening. The cake pops are chocolate chocolate on this inside and white chocolate on the inside. They are delicious and I am really excited to finish eating them after dinner! Dinner which is being graciously prepared by a few of my Culinary friends! I left them in the kitchen with them so we'll see if they're still there when I head down to help them! What is most exciting about the cake balls is that they can be vanilla, carrot, chocolate, red velvet. These are actually a vegan chocolate cake covered in white chocolate.
*a thank you goes out to everyone who was consulted and faithfully stood by my to conquer the cake balls! Thank you thank you!

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