Monday, June 25, 2012

Almond Milk

~Dedicated to Mollie and her brood!

The RQ began making almond milk when CP, CC, & LB were very young. Now they are older, and so are the RQ and P<. Making almond milk from scratch is a treat we ALL enjoy and it promotes good health. It is easy to prepare and can be tweaked to preference. We like to add a tablespoon or two of local maple syrup and a teaspoon of vanilla.

Almond Milk
1 cup almonds
4 cups water
1-2 Tblsp maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla

To remove almond skins
Place almonds in a heat tolerant glass/ceramic bowl.  Bring enough water to boil to cover an inch above almonds. Poor boiling water over almonds and allow to soak till cool enough to handle. Drain, rinse, and peel, using your fingertips skins pop easily off nuts. Rinse skinned nuts.

To make milk
Measure 4 cups of cold water. Place almonds in blender adding enough water to create a smooth paste that blends easily (about 1 cup of water). After about a minute or two slowly add the remaining water to the paste. I do this in two batches as my blender will not hold the full 4 cups of liquid plus almond meat. Thus, poor the first batch thru a fine mesh strainer sitting over a pot/bowl large enough to hold liquid and without strainer sitting in liquid. Use a rubber spatula press & fold any remaining water from meat of nuts. The more you press, the meatier your milk will be, or as P< says, grainy. The milk can be strained a second time if a less grainy liquid is desired. Add maple syrup and vanilla to awaiting carafe. Poor in a bit of milk and swirl to mix. Then add remaining milk, and stir. Refrigerate and enjoy!

To make banana shake
Freeze a banana (peel & wrap in plastic). Mix frozen banana with 8-10 oz of almond milk for a delicious shake!

The almond meat can be refrigerated and used as a nice body scrub in the shower! OR Dehydrated on low for 2-3 hours for a nice almond meal to be added to baked goods!

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