Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog & Brother B!

This blog is officially a year old this month! Our very first post was a birthday cake so I felt it appropriate to post the same birthday boys birthday cake this year! He was 17 years old so we had a cake created of the 17th hole! BTW---he loves golf. He decided that he would like an ice cream cake. Unfortunately we took a short cut and hired Maggie Moos to make the cake. Maybe next year we will tackle an ice cream cake by ourselves.

As an ice cream cake hater...I was really impressed with such a great job that Maggie Moos did with the cake. The ice cream was vanilla with oreos mixed in, on top of a oreo crust. Delicious!

I have a new attitude towards ice cream cakes! If anyone is interested in Maggie Moos ice cream cakes please find your local parlor and order it ahead of time!