Friday, July 2, 2010

Pumpkin Cake!

About six months ago I signed up online for a preview issue of Cooking Light...and then the issues just kept coming....but thats another story. haha. Anyways in the Cooking Light Issue last November they had this amazing pumpkin cake. Its a brownie type cake topped with a cream cheese frosting! To die for---it barely lasted three days! As you can see it didn't even make it on a plate. Check out the recipe here. Cooking Light has an amazing website and you can browse through all the recipes from the magazines by month. So the next time you need a recipe or are thinking about buying their magazine in the checkout lane-Try the Cooking Light Archive.

1 comment:

Gary Denton said...

After a bike ride my companions downed about a quarter of this thing in one sitting. This cake is So good it should be illegal!