Sunday, December 11, 2011

Everyone is talking about it...

On the last day of Thanksgiving break...there was one thing that really caught everyones attention. It was this cup of coffee. As each person slowly emerged from their bedrooms and entered the kitchen. Everyone oood and ahhhhd at this beautiful cup of coffee sitting on the kitchen table. DD had woken up a little before everyone else and made this irresistible cup of coffee. I think her and Portman both have futures in the coffee business! I will let her share her coffee making secrets with you. Until another post!
-Cream Puff

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Gary Denton said...

It's ALL about the beans of course;-) DD buys an Italian-Espresso Roast from one of Western New York's great local cooking stores. They order the beans from a roaster in southeastern part of the state. And as much as DD LOVES coffee from a french press, the richness produced by n a quality espresso machine is worth the price of the unit. Any basic espresso machine will produce a full bodied cup, so long as it has enough bars of pressure!