Friday, December 9, 2011

Oreo Cupcakes

Meet buttery sticks. Meet buttery sticks meet oreo cupcakes. I made these as the nondairy option at then end of our dinner over Thanksgiving break. While buttery stick and carrot chopper ate these delicious cupcakes the rest of us enjoyed warm chocolate souffle! The recipe for that will be coming soon!

Buttery stick asked me to make these cupcakes after finding a recipe on the internet. They were so simple and fun! What a great surprise to find a whole oreo on the bottom! You'll definitely need a glass of milk with these little guys! I used my vegan chocolate cake recipe to make these and then a vanilla frosting on top. But any chocolate cake and frosting mixture would work. The composition is quite easy. In a cupcake pan, place liners first and then an oreo like the picture above. I used doublestuff! And then pour batter on top and bake normally!

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