Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bubble Tea

In Buffalo....I used to drink a lot of Bubble Tea. Bubble Tea can be found at most Japanese and Chinese restaurants and seemed to be a big fad in Buffalo about a year ago. In between work and class I used to stop at the Japanese restaurant and grab a bubble tea and slowly sip on it during class enjoying the occasional bubble that used to slip through the fat straws that they give you to drink it with. When I went to the Asia Pacific store last week...they had bubble tea supplies...so I bought some. I decided on a watermelon mix and multi-colored tapioca balls. The drink is a powdered mix that you combine with simple syrup in milk. The tapioca balls just need to be boiled and then you are good to go. Pour over ice and enjoy! Currently I am out of bubbles...I need to get some more!

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