Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Downtown Colorado Springs is filled with amazing restaurants, cafes and ice cream shops. But it has one very special frozen yogurt place! And it is the best frozen yogurt place I've ever been! The people who work there are great and the yogurt is amazing...and a little healthier than ice cream! Buttercups is new to the downtown area and was recently opened by a college graduate. The interior is relaxed and modern, attracting a variety of customers from families to college students. I went here with my coworkers and we've been back several times...almost enough to fill our punch cards!
The best part about Buttercups is that you can sample all of the flavors and the flavor combinations. They have cookies and cream cheesecake, fruit cocktail, birthday cake, blood orange, tart, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, mango, pina colada and several others. After sampling you get to fill your cup up with yogurt and toppings. I love Buttercups because I don't have to decide to only get one or two flavors. I usually get a little bit of everything in my cup and then top it off with gummy bears and any peanut butter and chocolate options that they have.
These are just a few combinations that we put together! They're all winners! I am a frequent customer at Buttercups! Especially after a long shift at work we all head down there and pray that they'll still be open! And if they are we fill up our cups and enjoy!

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