Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quinoa Patties

~dedicated to our special vegan, CC!

Doesn't that look scrumptious! Yes, it is 100% pure vegan! This burger recipe cooked up beautifully! Thank you Martha Rose Shulman for writing about the challenges of preparing a good vegan burger. Many might recognize Martha Rose Shulman from her popular column in the NYTimes. She has many acclaimed cookbooks, her latest, The Very Best Recipes for Health, focuses on getting home cooks excited about preparing delicious & healthy meals. Thank you MRS for introducing Lukas Volger, THE veggie burger guru! LV is an accomplished connoisseur of vegetarian cooking. Be sure to check out his site and cookbooks! And thank you Mrs. Prozac for bringing my attention to these!

There is plenty of time to experiment with these veggie recipes before summer madness begins. These patties were paired with our staple Oven Fries, so easy, so delicious! An iron skillet is ideal for browning these patties on the stove before baking in the oven for an additional 10-15 min..

As MRS's Quinoa & Greens Burger recipe reveals, these patties are filled with good for you foods. I substituted swiss chard for beet greens and did not use the optional egg for binding. I used red & gold quinoa as these were what I had on hand. I always rate a good recipe based on the ease in which I can substitute ingredients. These were truly delicious...moist, held together, and tasty. To top it off, P< has been wanting to try the miso mayonnaise recipe published in the NYTimes Magazine Sunday, 11 March 2012. So we topped these yummy burgers with a healthy dollop of miso mayonnaise!

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