Saturday, April 7, 2012


I really wanted Mexican food the other day and decided to try Sonterra Innovative Southwest Grill, a restaurant downtown that serves American Southwest cuisine...and is consequently across the street from Buttercups! Yum. When you walk into Sonterras the first thing that greets you is this giant glass container on either end of the bar that is filled with slices of pineapples soaking in vodka. They take their drinks very seriously so I decided to order a Strawberry Jalapeno Margarita. My first sip was spicy but then I mixed it up a little bit and it sweetened up. I have learned that the levels of spiciness in Colorado and in New York are very different. And at several restaurants now I have found myself saying "this is so spicy!" When usually spice doesn't bother me.
After our drinks and the two baskets of chips that we demolished...we dug into our food! First there was a chicken tortilla soup. It came with crumbled chip strips on top that melted perfectly into the warm broth. For lunch I had the last dish below. Chicken Adobada with mesquite grilled chicken Breast, smoked bacon, creamy chipotle sauce, southwest rice, avocado, black beans, cotija and crema fresca. It was delicious. The dish in the middle is Chicken Mole. It came with mesquite grilled chicken breast, ancho mole, southwest rice and black beans. It was a magnificent meal with good food and great company!

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Gary Denton said...

This looks way better than the Mexican we had last night!