Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Agia Sophia

Agia Sophia. The google search results for peaceful atmosphere, coffeehouse, Colorado Springs. I am so glad that this is the coffeehouse that I chose to go to yesterday because I ended up being there for 3 hours! I was really tempted to go back to Jives from last week! I love Jives too! The atmosphere is fun and the music is great. Agia Sophia is a little different. When you walk inside there is a small coffee shop that also serves some pastries and lunch. And there were people everywhere, drinking coffee, tea and eating sandwiches. I ordered a Chai Latte...yum! I can't wait to have another.
Then I proceeded to head upstairs to the bookstore section which also has wireless and lots of study tables and big comfy leather chairs to do my homework for school. I sat a table near a window that looked up into the mountains across the street. After finishing up my homework I curled up in one of the chairs and read my book and half listened to the first date that was happening at the table next to me. Their conversation was actually really entertaining and the girl was going on and on about her TMJ and it was kind of distracting but interesting. Overall I can't wait to go back to Agia Sophia!

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