Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Best Burger in Denver

After our epic day of skiing we decided that we needed the best dinner ever! After searching for the best burger in Denver, CO we settled on the number one spot Highland Tap and Burger. We ate around 7 and this place was hopping! And the food was amazing! Maybe the best burger ever!
This was the burger page of the menu. I liked the menu because it wasn't overwhelming. There was one page for the burgers and one page for appetizers and other sandwiches. However the wine and beer menu, the big black one in the first photo, was about the size of a brick and six pages long.
There were 4 of us eating and 3 of us ordered the above Tap Burger. It was HTB's signature beef patty with Eli’s root beer pulled pork, “Mama’s Pilsner” onion ring, American cheese, cheddar cheese & the signature Tap Sauce which was sweet. My other roommate ordered seasoned Rosen Colorado ground lamb, Haystack Mtn. goat cheese, Tomato Mint Relish and a baby argula salad. She said it was delicious!

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