Tuesday, February 14, 2012

German Baker

All of my roommates are bakers...except for one who is a hostess at one of the restaurants at The Broadmoor. Ironically she is the one that does the baking at home. Every other day she makes fresh bread and sometimes she makes cakes! There is one cake that she makes that is to die for! It is a cross between a coffee cake and a tea cake. Last night I carefully studied her as she made the cake! I refer to this cake as "the cake" because I think it is absolutely delicious! The cake is actually called German Sand Cake. It is made with whipped cream, butter and lots of sliced almonds. The process of making this cake is interesting. You actually whip the cream with the eggs and the sugar, add the flour. Then this goes in the oven and is baked halfway. And then you put a mixture of butter, almonds and sugar on top and finish baking it. I will share the recipe once I am finished converting it from grams to cups.

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Debra Denton said...

I eagerly await the recipe. Thank you Denise!