Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kansas City Eats

For various reasons....a small blizzard in Denver has delayed our posts from our journey. I will try my best to catch up! We left off in Kansas City, MO. We had a luxurious stay in Kansas City, MO and topped it off by having dinner at The Westside Local. I found this restaurant off of a Things To Do in Kansas City site. Boy were they right! This restaurant was quite the find. If you find yourself in Kansas City I would recommend making a reservation. Not only was the food phenomenal, so was the service!
I apologize for the dark photo but this is what you could see from the outside. Just a quaint welcoming facade that was filled with warmth and good food. The tables were varied, ours was set up with one side being a bench with pillows and the other side were chairs. We enjoyed our meal so much that we forgot to take a photo until the end. We started with a mixed cheese plate with dried cherry compote, baguette, seasonal fruit, and onion thyme jam. Then we had an arugula salad with bacon, maytag, red onion, cherry tomatoes, and buttermilk dressing. For our entree we had mussels with spanish chorizo, cilantro, tomato, jalapeƱos, lime, red onion on grilled baguette.
We were stuffed by the end of it, but I really wanted to hear what they had for dessert. After listening to the wonderful options I decided we would have to endure and have dessert. We ordered the pomegranate panna cota with a ginger creme anglaise and candied orange rind.
The following morning, we were still stuffed. However before deciding that we could safely leave town and avoid the thunderstorms, tornadoes and snow storm, we stopped at a small bakery right around the corner from our hotel. MeMa's is an Old Fashioned Bakery known for their English Walnut Povitica and cinnamon rolls. We shared this scrumptious cinnamon bun! I think the picture describes how it tasted! Big, gooey and amazing!

We were in transit when we ate it, but I think my dashboard made a nice make shift photo booth. After devouring this cinnamon bun, we continued out adventure and landed in Colorado Springs safe from all weather disasters that took place that day!

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