Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eating our way through Ohio...

 Tuesday was all about eating eating and eating! I told you it would be! We started our day with a huge breakfast at my Grandmas.....bacon, eggs, english muffins, yogurt, fruit....Yum! And then we left for a tour of Sevartiis Bakery! Sevartiis is a family run European Pastry Shop and Deli that has been around for almost 50 years. My mom and dad both grew in Cincinnati and have been spoiled with these treats as long as their parents have been customers! The cookies and cakes are delicious! We were really lucky to get a behind the scenes tour with the head pastry chef, Don Rose! The bakery that we saw prepares all of the baked goods and sends out to their 11 stores.

After going to the main bakery we headed to one of their bakeries and picked up these small little buttercream cakes for dessert. We got one that was a Mocha Buttercream and another one that was a Nougat Buttercream...I loved both of them! We also picked up a birthday cake...but I'll have to show you that tomorrow! For lunch we went to Skyline Chili. Nothing quite beats Skyline! I wish we had one of the East Coast.

Oh my goodness! We ordered a Coney and a 3-way. A Coney is a hot dog, chili and cheese and a 3-way, my favorite is pasta, chili and cheese! Lots of cheese as you can see! There are other options on the menu but these are our favorites! We finished the day off with more dessert! Graeters Ice Cream!

Graeters ice cream is to die for! I think their secret is the chips! The chips are so big and they melt in your mouth when you eat them! After such a food filled day this was the perfect note to end on! See you tomorrow!

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