Monday, February 6, 2012

Denver Airport

Traveling across the middle America has been an exciting journey, and it's time for DD's return home as AM begins the next phase in her culinary training! The final leg of this cross country journey was a surprising 90 minute drive from Colorado Springs to Denver to fly DD back east. Surprising b/c Colorado Springs had virtually no snow and b/c of how much snow had been cleared and melted as we drove closer to what was the "eye of the storm" less than 36 hours prior! The roads were absolutely clear, thanks to the highway crew; amazing really! It seemed like the storm was just a dream on this clear, bright, blue Colorado morning!

DIA is a HUGE airport! DD was a little overwhelmed by its grandness! The airport is nothing shy of a community in-and-of itself! But thanks to AM's hybrid, we were able to park just feet away from my check in point which meant she could join me inside and see DD off! It's a good thing too b/c security wouldn't allow DD to take AL's sterling silver butter knife on the plane;-)

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