Thursday, February 16, 2012

Denver Before 12

The second day I was here in Denver, I headed up to Denver Airport to drop my mom off. After I dropped here off I headed to Denver to check out Larimer Square. I had read that Larimer Square was a shopping and dining district with specialty boutiques and unique restaurants. However during my research of where I wanted to go---I did not check the hours of the stores. It was a Sunday so I just assumed that everything opened around 10, 10:30am. However when I got there the streets were quiet and I only two restaurants were open. Unfortunately I had just had coffee at the airport and I had already eaten breakfast. But I did check out this place above, The Market. The market is a pastry shop/grocery store/coffee shop/deli. I did go inside and look around and was impressed with the variety of things that they had. So if you find yourself in Denver on a Sunday. Remember that nothing opens until noon!

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