Friday, February 10, 2012

Colorado Adventures

My first adventure in Colorado was attending orientation at The Broadmoor. However we are not allowed to take pictures of the inside of The Broadmoor---only the outside property....which I have not done yet so I am going to share with you my second Colorado adventure. Ski Cooper. Yesterday we drove 3 hours to ski on the best snow that I have ever skied!
 This is what the drive looked like! Blue skies and white topped mountains!
This is what it looked like once we got there. The trees were all frosted pines and the parking lot was covered in snow. The coolest part about Ski Cooper was that they do not make any snow! All the snow was fresh powder. The runs were also long and untouched! Half the trail was groomed, and the other half was powder! Beautiful! They also have a nordic ski center---which I'm sure is great! I would be interested to go back and try those trails.
This is what one of the runs looked like! Very few people and fresh snow! At 11,000 feet what more could you want!

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