Monday, March 12, 2012

Brueggers Bagels

I was walking around downtown Colorado Springs the other day when I saw this! Brueggers Bagels! I was so confused! All my life I thought that Brueggers bagels was unique to Rochester, New York. Whenever I go back home I love to go to Brueggers because I've never seen it anywhere else. So when I saw it last week...I was more than confused. So I did a little research, Brueggers Bagels actually started in 1983, in Burlington, Vermont. However the first Bruegger's opened in Troy, New York. And today there are over 300 Bruegger's bakeries in 26 states. Maybe this was silly of me but did anyone else know that Brueggers was such a large chain?

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Debra Denton said...

Love the research, thanks!