Wednesday, March 14, 2012

German Sweets & Agia's Chai

I'm convinced that everything good in Colorado Springs is located near Old Colorado City. Old Colorado City is my favorite place to go to cafes, eat pastries and window shop! Today I decided to visit Wimberger's Old World Bakery and Delicatessen. And of course it is right next to Old Colorado City. At first when I was driving down the road I wasn't sure I was in the right place. This bakery borders on residential property and is across the street from random warehouses. But there it was. This quaint little building with paintings on the side of baskets of baked goods and specialty items. I was surprised when I walked into Wimbergers because they had more than just baked goods. They had a whole store filled with German deli meats and cheeses, pastas, baked goods, candies. I wandered around the store and ending in the pastry section. They had one wall filled with baked goods. As I was standing there trying to decided between a croissant, turnover and various other German pastries women kept coming out of the back with laundry baskets filled with kaiser rolls and filling up the shelves as customers were shopping. It really was something to see. After the third laundry basket wandered by I needed to decide because I was in the way. I decided on this sunken apple cake above because I had overheard another customer raving about it. The cake tasted like it was angel food at the base with sauteed apples and raisins on top! It was very sweet and I can't wait to go back and get something else to try next time. I left with my sunken apple cake and headed over to Agia Sophia's for a GIANT iced chai latte and enjoyed my strudel upstairs in the bookstore section. Then I settled in and read my new book, Try This by Danyelle Freeman. I knew this was the right book to buy because in her first chapter she started talking about Tea & Sympathy. The restaurant and author of my beloved scone recipe!


Debra Denton said...

Who knew!

Anne said...

that chai looks amazing. and i love the looks of that baked good.