Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yesterday at Jives

On my day off yesterday I decided that I wanted to check out the shops in Old Colorado City. Both sides of the main drag are littered with cute vintage clothing shops, art galleries and restaurants. After finding the public parking lot...public parking lots are the only way to go. They are merciless here with the meters. Every street side space has a meter and I never have enough change for as long as I want to park. So public parking is my best option. I parked and then began exploring. It was 60 degrees and sunny and everyone was out. I strolled down both sides of the street and checked out all the shops. Then I circled back and stopped in at The French Bakery and got an almond croissant. Their croissant dough is delicious! This one was glazed with almond pieces on the outside and filled with a meaty almond paste! You can kind of see it peaking out of the croissant above. Then I headed around the corner to Jives. My usual guy was there and I told him that I wanted a chai. They didn't have dirty chais like at Breckenridge, instead they had a spicy chai. And it was spicy! It was frothy and filled with notes of ginger. If you like ginger I would definitely recommend this drink! I would order it again! Then I got down to business and did my homework for CIA. This week I wrote about the purchasing, receiving and storing procedures of Charles Court, where I work. Today I'm off for another adventure in Manitou Springs!


Anne said...

Spicy chai sounds wonderful. Love the ginger. Will try!

Debra Denton said...

Wait till Portman sees this croissant! As for myself, I love a strong Chai! CO seems to be filled with many unique spots to enjoy a variety of signature HOT beverages! Once again, I am jealous!! ~DD