Friday, March 9, 2012

Pikes Perk

When I originally found out that I was moving to Colorado to work at The Broadmoor I wished that I knew someone that lived out here. Someone who could give me the inside scoop. The inside secrets of where to go to eat, what places I should check out etc. Then I found out that one of my friends in class had a brother who went to school out here! So I began messaging her brother on facebook and we would exchange messages back and forth and I would ask crazy questions and he would graciously answer. I've never had a pen pal, but I imagine that this is what it would be like. He was so kind and answered all my questions and recommend places for me to go. The first place he recommend was Pikes Perk. When I put Pikes Perk in my GPS it brought me to a smoothie shop that sold their coffee. I was not excited about the smoothie shop but then I did a little more research and I figured out that the GPS had taken me to the wrong place. So last weekend I ended up here at the real Pikes Perk downtown. As always I ordered a Chai Latte. It was good but not as good as the Chai from Agia Sophia but it was delicious. I think that the Chai at Agia Sophia is #1 in my Chai Reviews here in Colorado Springs so far!

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