Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Green Mountain Falls

One of the servers at Charles Court where I work recommend that I go and check out Green Mountain Falls. Green Mountain Falls is about half way between Colorado Springs and the Donut Mill. The Donut Mill is my new point of reference. When headed west into the mountains the Donut Mill is about 20 miles from here. And Green Mountain Falls is about 10. Last Sunday I headed up there to have coffee and do my homework at Duckies. The town has a main strip with a few bars, a restaurant and a park at the far end. I loved the small town feel; the dirt roads lined with houses and littered with pick up trucks. When I arrived there was sign on the door (see above) so I walked around the main street area and into the park. I wasn't able to find any falls in Green Mountain Falls which was disappointing but they had this lake at the park that was pretty so I took a picture of it. After watching a woman feed the ducks and geese near the lake, I headed back to Duckies and waited a few minutes longer.

I was a little disappointed with Duckies because all of their pastries were from places I had already been except for the brownie that I bought and ate. The brownies were the only in house pastry option and I was planning on just getting a snack because I had already had three cups of coffee earlier that day. But I ended getting the brownie and another cup of coffee. It was ok. The most interesting part of my visit at Duckies was when this woman walked in and said she was from the FDA and needed to get into the Liquor store next door. She disappeared outside with the owner of Duckies who was mumbling that the owners truck was there but he hadn't seen him all day and I don't know what happened after that. Not long after I drove back to Colorado Springs. I don't know if I'll go back to Duckies.


Debra Denton said...

I'd suggest going back for dinner with friends at one of the taverns. I'll bet that quaint feeling you had during the day is full of life and fun people!

Anne said...

Someone just gave me an orchid - tips appreciated!